Hello Everybody, Thank you very much for joining my book. I am hoping that with your help I can start to compile some great stories from my past to share with you all and of course my lovely grand children.
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  • Image Hi All, Just a quick note to say I never remember Pete looking this good! Where did you get this photo?
  • 50's man image Thanks for inviting me Pete. Unfortunately for you all the skeletons from our childhood will now be brought out into the open! Most of you have heard these stories before but they can stand being retold again here. Maybe with one or two embellishments.
  • Sanford image Hi everyone, isn't this just fantastic? I'm going to love adding some of my stories about dad. Make sure you all dig up few yourselves, I'm sure there are some funny ones out there, then we can all have a laugh. I'm sure nothing will surprise me.....
  • 30_thumb 50th Birthday Sorrento We love Italy and what a wonderful place Sorrento is. There is a song called "Return to Sorrento" and you can understand why... Read More by Julie Philips ,
  • 28_thumb 32 High Street I have fond memories of our house on the High Street. We only lived there for two or three years but we must have been about... Read More by Bobby Phillips ,
  • 27_thumb Travelling Europe When Peter and I were in out early twenties we decided that it would be a great idea to save up and travel Europe. Having not... Read More by Jimmy Smith ,
  • Birthday Cakes I'm not sure mine were ever this good Sam. Things always appeared bigger as a child. Three layers high max.
    by Peter Phillips,
  • Travelling Europe Jimmy, you've always led me astray. Good thing I've always been there to keep you on the straight and narrow.
    by Peter Phillips,
  • 32 High Street That bit about the fishing is such rubbish! I taught you everything you know.
    by Peter Phillips,